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  • AV602 is similar to poppet valve AV601 and is ideal for applications required to cut dripping of low-viscosity liquid off
  • Applicable material: Photoresist, Chemicals and other low viscosity materials


Valve Structure Poppet
Minimum Dispensing Volume 0.02mL
Flow Rate
(KV value)
Applicable Viscosity 1 ~ 1,000mPa•s
Wetted Part PCTFE, Polyacetal, PTFE, Polypropylene, SUS304
Fluid Pressure Maximum 196kPa
Connecting Port of Piping IN. M6 x 1.0
Operating Cycle 100cycles/min.
Operating Air Pressure 343 ~ 686kPa
External Dimensions (W)22 x (D)22 x (H)87.5mm
Weight 95g
Standard Accessories AV601-21T Poppet New Type (PTFE)=1
AV602 Seal Support=1

Consumption Parts

AV502-7 Diaphragm (PTFE) 2
AV601-21T Poppet New Type (PTFE) 5
AV601-23 Sub Poppet Screw 5
Home > Products > Valves > (Fixed Dispensing Valve) AV602

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